Choosing a Company Name – How to Begin a Business

Choosing a Company Name - How to Begin a Business

Choosing a business name is among the essential points you will do when beginning a company. A great business name can stand by itself and draw in customers. Talk with your family, friends or associates to assist you come up with some innovative names. When conceptualizing a name here are a couple of points to think about Kingw88

Make it Appealing & Simple

Produce a name that’s unique for customers to keep in mind you by. It must be simple to articulate and easy to write. A simple appealing name is ideal to communicate when customers are looking for you.

Produce Aesthetic Acknowledgment

Many individuals imagine a name when they listen to or read it. Choosing a company name that produces a picture in a customer’s mind is a fantastic aid to memory and an effective marketing device. Choosing a name that produces aesthetic acknowledgment can assist to branding your company or item.

Bring a Favorable Ambiance

Individuals partner to words both mentally and literally. Use words in your company name that favorably conjure up your company picture. For instance, “Tiny Tow Vehicle Solution” would certainly probably not be an ideal name for a towing company, equally as “Solid Guy Dental care” does not sound very comforting. A fine example of a company name with a favorable focus and produces aesthetic acknowledgment would certainly be something such as “Armstrong Towing.”

Explains Your Business

Choose a name that gives your customers some hint about what your business does. Unless you intend on ending up being a worldwide brand name, names such as “Nike” or “Walmart” aren’t ideal. A fine example is “LendingTree” or “Bankrate,” which certainly depicts their companies to remain in the lending or monetary markets. This is why many electricians would certainly use words “electric” in their company name.

Maintain it Brief

Maintain your business name brief so that it will in shape on your stationery and marketing material. A company name no greater than 30 personalities is also ideal for a domain and online browse optimization.

Before you obtain your heart set on a name, do a name browse on your specify secretary’s website to earn certain it isn’t currently taken. For instance if you resided in the specify of Southern Carolina you would certainly browse online for “Southern Carolina Specify Secretary.” Once on the website you would certainly appearance for an area indicating Company or Business Entity browse or comparable. After that you had enter your preferred business name and send browse.

Why Do Companies Spend in Custom Marketing Items?

Why Do Companies Spend in Custom Marketing Items?

There are a great deal of individuals that say that custom marketing items are simply a wild-goose chase and money and they don’t truly do anything for the companies that use them. However they are wrong; think it or otherwise these items that they spend money right into actually do several points Kingw88

Advertise business to various other companies
Professional looking
Free advertising for individuals that are looking to use their solution
These 4 factors are simply some of the main factors that companies purchase custom marketing items. Companies use personalized items mainly as an advertising prop to send out to feasible customers, customers or to advertise their business and inform the globe why they are the best. It’s a tested truth that word of mouth advertising is the best way to increase your business, the ability to personalize items to advertise your business is a great way to maintain your name in your client’s mind and this may come in handy when they’re recommending a company to a companion or friends.

However that’s not the just factor that companies around the globe use custom marketing items every single day. Another great factor is that they’ll spend in production certain that they have marketing items is for the simple truth that it makes their company show up professional regardless of what dimension it may be.

Among the various other factors that companies use the personalized marketing items is free of charge advertising purposes various other compared to for companies. For instance they may send out an individual a personalized tee shirt with a logo design that they turned up with to advertise a race or a reason that the company supports, it is a great way to obtain your name out there.

Finally the lastly factor is to improve client connections. That does not such as free stuff? Purchase a set of t-tee t shirts or pens and send out them to an current client when time happens to restore that contract… they’ll remember and value the moment they received that present from you.

So if you’re someone that’s considering using the custom marketing items to increase your business direct exposure these are simply some of the best factors that some of the big companies do every single day. So what are you waiting on? Take some time and do some research as to what personalizing companies can offer you.

Actions To Conduct A Effective Brand name Advertising Project

Actions To Conduct A Effective Brand name Advertising Project

Brand name advertising can be specified as the promotion of the services and products that show up under a specific brand name. It’s basically used to maintain the spotlight concentrated on a predefined brand name, services or product, as well as to produce a favorable picture psychological of the customers. However, the own to earn an effect in the marketplace at the very initial phase itself, leads many companies to rush in advance with their marketing tasks. While doing so, they wind up hiring the solutions of advertisement companies, that, because of enormous stress from customers to introduce the project, wind up creating shoddy work and bulk of the initiatives go undetected. Hence, it’s necessary to know your target market well and to get in touch with them, in the manner in which issues most. The following key actions will give meaning for your project and help your brand name gets to new elevations Kingw88

Constantly ensure your brand name does what it says:

To obtain your brand name to produce the preferred effect, you need to recognize that through your brand name, you’re looking to help the benefit of others and not simply for individual acquires. A brand name must measure up to its name and must have the ability to regularly satisfy the promises that it makes. Building a brand name involves a great deal of effort, which requires the advertiser to take keep in mind of all the feasible methods which the brand name will attract the customers.

Effective conceptualizing sessions:

In purchase to accomplish the expected outcomes, one must constantly appearance to accomplish brand name uniformity. The best way to accomplish this, is by ensuring that the chosen innovative advertisement company has the reputation for functioning with comparable brand names as well as have a high success rate. They are accountable of building your brand; help them understand your brand name by providing all the required information, so that they work freely and their conceptualizing sessions will show productive.

Never ever desert your key message:

While advertising is certainly important in increasing the picture our brand name, Public Connections and ‘word of mouth’ are equally important. The picture of your brand name eventually depends on what has been said or discussed it. Thus, you must constantly aim to ensure that the messages are crisp, clear and consistent and also the tiniest information must never ever be overlooked.

Maintain a constant “face” in your messages:

Quality and uniformity in all the messages are what maintains the brand name effective and healthy and balanced. Hence, if you hire a complete advertisement company to manage all the marketing tools available, they must ensure that your products appearance the same and provide the same feel, every time. Or else, customers will not understand depicted and they may decide to disregard the messages totally.

The picture of a brand name refers prestige and the messages sent out throughout by the appointed innovative advertising company can just get to the preferred target market, if their tasks attract the wide rate of passions of the receiver and if they design an appropriate strategy to do the same.

Jason Rego is a skilled writer and editor, that also runs a recognized complete solution advertisement company. His work is valued by the upper customers about.

Custom Cake Boxes: An Ideal Product packaging Option for Cakes

Custom Cake Boxes: An Ideal Product packaging Option for Cakes

Cakes are a must have for unique events such as wedding events, birthday celebration celebrations, family obtain with each other as well as house-warming celebrations. They come in various designs, dimensions and shades and are typically grouped amongst one of the most delectable deserts. The use custom cake boxes for product packaging doesn’t just offer protection but also conveys the love of the sender to the individual receiving it. So whether you’re sending out it to any one of your relative or friends, you can make your cake better by using nice product packaging boxes Kingw88

Importance of custom cake boxes to cake manufacturers

The confectionery business is a unique kind of business that’s full of a great deal of developments. We come throughout various designs and changes daily from experts in the industry. Individuals in the industry regularly customizing their designs and designs to draw in more customers. With a great deal of competitors taking place in the industry, one would certainly think that smaller sized companies or startups cannot survive the challenges. Small companies in the confectionery line of business also have the same opportunities to develop or produce their own unique design and design from product packaging to manufacturing.

The use custom cake boxes are a great way to begin production those changes in want to see in your brand names. Aside from protection, custom cake boxes also gives your business and item a great reputation. Custom cake boxes are ideal for everybody that’s right into the confectionery business. They make your business standout and can also help in drawing in potential buyers.

Benefits of using custom boxes for cakes

  1. Provides protection

The small cake boxes, wedding cake boxes and cake slice boxes prevents your velvety cakes from obtaining tipped off. Subjecting the cake to moisture and heat could make the cake to obtain collapsed.

  1. Keeps structure of the item

Custom cake boxes are constructed out of products that ensure that the item keep its structure and taste.

  1. Improve look and worth

Aside from the protection, they also improve the exquisiteness and elegance of cakes. Boxes that are well designed with high technology, appearances very attractive and can make your cake seem more tasty and welcoming.

Designs of custom boxes for cakes

These boxes is available in all sizes and shapes. They can be highly personalized as well as published easily in any design and measurement that’s required. You might also decide to have some unique item protection device such as raise shelfs, support pillows and surrounding options in package.

They also is available in various designs, such as the dish sleeve, dispenser, auto bottom tray, double wall surface put, fencing dividers, 5 panel wall mount, foot secure tray, 4 corner tray, French fry boxes and others. has a range of personalization for the cake boxes. The forms, dimensions and shades of packages can be changed for your assigned specs. Durability and quality are imperative for the infallible storage space and transport of cakes, therefore top quality products are utilized in the manufacturing process.

Building Trust and Connections With Your Marketing Initiatives

Building Trust and Connections With Your Marketing Initiatives

Have you ever met a customer that said, “I seem like I currently understood you”? That is the type of connection you want to develop before your potential customers ever get the telephone or get to the front door of your workplace Kingw88

How do you do it? You inform your tale. In your words.

Obtaining your message out in a quickly digestible style for customers is the best way to obtain them to know and understand you and the services and products you offer. Try these ideas:

Use video clip. Posted on your website and held on your YouTube network, the easiest way for customers to obtain to know you is to see video clips of you presenting your business and discussing some of the commonly asked questions that you receive from customers. 80% of online users will watch a video clip, while just 20% will fully read your website.
Write a great “our tale” web page. Everybody appreciates understanding that there are real humans behind the services and products they buy. They actually do wish to know that you’re and what you mean. Make certain your about us web page conveys that you’re also if you maintain it brief and simple.
Give personalized symbols of gratitude. At your first point of contact, make certain you have a small token to give customers to remove. It can be a small, affordable item, but make it unforgettable and brand name it with your custom messaging.
If you make the effort to reflect by yourself trip, on exactly what has made your business unique, you’ll have the ability to properly communicate your worth to individuals that was initially obtaining presented to that you’re and what you do. Something that helps is to consider the human aspects of your company successes. What were the struggles associated with establishing your facilities? What were the real lessons you learned, that you could not unlearn if you attempted?

Once you have the ability to pin down your own legendary tale of company success, you’ll have the ability to imitate those worths within the marketing and outreach initiatives you’re using to obtain customers. Profits, individuals definitely love to listen to authentic tales of how individuals failed, succeeded, failed, advertisement infinitum. Your tale, once considered and narrated within great content, will catch the imagination and affection of potential customers visiting your website or receiving a handout.

At Pristine Displays, we help small company enhance their brand name message with personalized sticky screen cleansers for client presents and exhibition giveaways.

With our innovative and user friendly items, you can start to develop connections with your customers from the first encounter. Give us a phone call today at (800) 540-5971 or complete our example request form to start on your custom-branded mobile phone cleansers.

Improve Segmentation of Your Client Base to Improve Business

Improve Segmentation of Your Client Base to Improve Business

An important factor when it comes to providing customers with remarkable client experience is personalisation. TechTarget, explains personalisation as a way of meeting the customer’s needs better and efficiently, production communications much faster and easier, as a result, enhancing client satisfaction and the possibility of duplicate visits. How do companies satisfy individual needs and requirements, how do they differentiate what offer suits which among their customers? Business for the purpose of personalisation and significant targeting hotel to a function called segmentation. As each the Financial Times, segmentation is specified as, ‘a means to split the marketplace right into components, or sections, which are definable, accessible, workable, and lucrative and have a development potential. In various other words, a business would certainly find it difficult to target the whole market, because of time, cost and initiative limitations. It needs to have a ‘definable’ section – a mass of individuals that can be determined and targeted with sensible initiative, cost and time. However companies realise the potential segmentation has they still struggle to section their client base to obtain optimal outcomes Kingw88

Mentioned listed below are a couple of tips and passages from a DirectMarketingNews record enlabelled ‘Avoiding Segmentation Snafus’ that can help companies improve their segmentation initiatives to better get in touch with their customers.

Testing for quality

As each Michael Benedek, Datonics, ‘”Carrying out marketing research on that the client is, as well as customers’ desires and needs, is an important step to take before determining the best sections for specific projects. It is also smart to conduct test projects targeted at client sections to measure reaction and habits.” Just like test rides individuals undertake to determine the effectiveness of a car, companies should test the sections they have produced to look at the effectiveness. Tim Barker, CEO, Datasift, echoes benedek saying, ‘”The more you can develop and test a section, the more you can develop self-confidence that the message works and that the project is mosting likely to work. In an ideal globe, we’d be testing constantly.” As each Barker however testing is important, the various other vital part is companies being prompt on acting from the outcomes that come from the tests. Brand names should take a nimble marketing approach to involve and present their best offers to customers that show greater rate of passion in their offerings. Testing segmented information versus information not simply available with the marketing division but with various other verticals, 3rd party information or rivals information can expose the inconsistencies and help optimise your segmentation initiative.

Segmentation takes some time

Segmentation can be considered as an initiative akin to arranging of customers right into various categories based upon various qualities. Andy Wilder, VP, Analytics, Epsilon, says, ‘ Perhaps the hardest lesson to learn when it comes to segmentation is persistence. In today’s hectic globe of marketing automation and short lived client trends, the lure to produce and present sections quickly can be frustrating. But that is an error.’ He says as the pregnancy duration for segmentation is time taking, it requires a self-control and a client initiative. Business should gauge if their initiatives are providing preferred outcomes over a time period. Companies should also maintain confirming the various sections they have produced to look for their practicality lined up to business objectives or project targets.

Cutting big information right into valuable sections

The humongous quantity of information produced every day is helping initiatives at segmentation. Enhancing communication in between customers and companies not simply through desktop computers but a range of internet connected portable devices is further assisting understand the client. Unlike in the previous when segmentation was primarily performed on the basis old, sex, and location, companies today use advanced formulas and computer system models. Barker indicating the influence big information carries segmentation says, ‘”We’ve come a lengthy way, mainly because there is a riches of behavior information that simply didn’t exist or had not been available to analyze 20 years back. Segmentation has truly grown with the big information industry, particularly over the previous couple of years.’ Benedek from Datonics says companies need to use big information with care as not all information available works. He puts in saying the use untidy, defective information can have very long period of time consequences such as waste of funds on misdirected marketing, also even worse distancing the client forever and producing a unfavorable brand name picture. In purchase to obtain clean and accurate client information companies can appearance at utilizing client identification management service on and throughout their electronic residential or commercial homes. CIM is an enabler when it comes to gathering accurate first party information from customers. CIM that offers an inconvenience free and smooth enrollment process through e-mail or social login gathers information straight common by the client at the moment of enrollment or later on through modern information gathering. Social login that enables enrollment and login through the use current social media network ids provides companies a chance to collect additional accurate information common by the social media network provider. With valuable client understandings that evaluation the information collected through the enrollment process and later on can capably aid companies in their initiatives at segmenting the client base.

With the expanding demand for personalisation, it becomes imperative for companies to devote both time and sources right into segmentation of client base. Companies cannot afford to lose on their current customers, keeping them is a concern as obtaining a brand-new one can be quite an expensive event. Segmentation provides companies with the know that can ensure that they better take care of their customers that have been standing behind business, transacting regularly. As segmentation improves interaction and targeting initiatives it also reduces the concern of costs a misdirected marketing initiative would certainly cause. Companies go to a juncture where they need to recognize that every client they have is various and the way to work with them too needs to be various. With client being the king, companies need to provide to them as each their need or demand. Without segmentation meeting or anticipating the customers need and demand would certainly be a close to difficult job.

Thrill Your Potential Customers With Marketing Clothes Items

Thrill Your Potential Customers With Marketing Clothes Items

Thrill Your Potential Customers With Marketing Clothes Items

Among the greatest components of any business is your customers. To generate new customers and restore current customers, you need excellent marketing strategies. Sadly, many companies have the tendency to overthink marketing and make points more challenging compared to necessary. A time evaluated and excellent way to thrill your customers is through free marketing items Kingw88

These items can be virtually anything and often the more personalized for your brand name, the better. You can pass out items at your next big occasion, send out presents to previous customers, have these items available at your place, and a lot more. They make sure to thrill your visitors and motivate people to find for your place for future purchases. However, not all these items are produced equally.

Commonly, you’ll find companies passing out cheaper items such as pens or pencils that have their store logo design or name personalized on them. However, these can be much less outstanding compared to bigger items that may not be a lot greater in price. For instance, a client would certainly greater than most likely a lot instead have a recyclable sprinkle container versus an unsharpened pencil. Among one of the most popular free items customers love is clothes of all kinds.

The best component about deciding to offer marketing clothes is that you could choose from a huge choice of items depending upon your specific company. Classic items are tee shirts, storage container tops, or various other ordinary tops. This is something that everybody uses and can take advantage of having actually in their closet. Of course, the appeal of basic tee shirts makes them stand apart much less among a group.

Depending upon your budget and the variety of items you would certainly prefer to provide, you can purchase more unique items for an unforgettable present. For instance, those that own stores that provide more towards men may want to offer custom baseball hats. While, those that have more ladies that shop with them may want to offer points such as totes. Almost any kind of company can take advantage of giving their customers outerwear, such as personalized hoodies or coats.

There are some points you should consider when choosing a clothes item as your marketing item. For many, the idea of having actually a large company logo design throughout their shirt isn’t very attractive. While they may wear the item about your home, they would certainly not head out as often in it. Sadly, this will lower the quantity of direct exposure they have in the item and lower the variety of potential customers that see your brand name.

A better way to motivate customers to actually use the items you’re handing out is to put a appealing motto or saying on the item. Having actually something more unique, versus your large company name, can make the item more attracting. Of course, you can constantly include your business name someplace on the item for acknowledgment, without production it the main focal point of the shirt. Another point to think about is simply maintaining your business information small on the item and maintaining the item fairly sleek.

Another huge benefit of choosing clothes items as your marketing item of choice is that these items can also be used for your workers. If you have actually a t-shirt, hoodie, hat, and so on. that you love with your store information present, it can be a great enhancement to any uniform. A last big benefit is that t-tee t shirts and various other comparable items are fairly affordable to purchase, which can permit you to buy several without breaking your budget. However they are often affordable, they appearance outstanding for your customers and are a considerable item compared with a simple pencil.

Gambling Reliance and Alcohol – A Hazardous Mix

Gambling Reliance and Alcohol - A Hazardous Mix

Gambling Reliance and Alcohol – A Hazardous Mix

When an individual has a video gaming reliance and drinks alcohol as well, this can be a huge problem. This is especially real when an individual with a video gaming reliance is drinking while proactively gambling Kingw88

Why do you think the gambling gambling facilities in many elements of the country provide free alcoholic beverages. Do you think they are doing it simply to be charitable? I do not think so. The proprietors of these gambling facilities know what they are doing as they been about to make money..not give out free alcohol.

If you are proactively drinking and acquiring a buzz off of alcohol, you will be more probably to spend more money as you are feeling great from your initial drinking practices. The more you drink, the more money you might spend. The gambling facility proprietors know this quite well and take complete benefit of this.

For a recreation bettor with a budget plan plan, having actually actually a set of drinks at the gambling facility on a Saturday night is no big deal. However, for the individual with the gambling problem, this blend can be very expensive (no word play here intended).

Because alcohol is a depressant and can significantly impede judgment, alcohol is no friend to the unmanageable bettor. An individual with a video gaming problem can shed thousands of dollars while relaxing before a port machine, high up on both gambling and alcohol.

If you have actually actually also the tiniest indicators of a video gaming reliance, it is not a wise idea to drink alcohol while you are at the gambling facility. You will truly gamble away a good deal more money compared with you expected, also if of the impacts of the alcohol on your judgment.

Be smart, and if you do choose to gamble, maintain your alcohol to a very little. If you do think that you have a video gaming problem, obtain help by yourself instantly.

You should not remain in or shut to a gaming facility whatsoever if you have actually actually a video gaming reliance. Gambling reliance can harm your life significantly or else treated.

3 Points to Consider While Choosing Your Marketing Automation Devices

3 Points to Consider While Choosing Your Marketing Automation Devices

3 Points to Consider While Choosing Your Marketing Automation Devices

If you are new to marketing automation, you might want to consider how you and your group will want to adopt those automated processes in the proper way. Considering how the marketing automation industry is expanding with enhanced fostering prices, it is important to ensure automation is done efficiently. For beginners, let’s consider a couple of statistics Kingw88

a. About 49% of companies use some form of e-mail automation. (E-mail monday, 2018)
b. In the next 2 years, an extra 21% of marketing leaders plan to use an advertising automation system. (Salesforce, 2017)
c. Spending for marketing automation devices is expected to get to $25.1 billion yearly by 2023. (Martech Today, 2018)
decoration. 79% of top-performing companies have been using marketing automation for 3 or more years. (Endeavor Harbour, 2017)
e. 80% of online marketing professionals using automation software produce more leads. (LinkedIn, 2016)
Resource: HubSpot Marketing Statistics

Plainly, many markets are adopting marketing automation software and technology tools;these are couple of truly important points that you need to bear in mind while production your choices:

  1. Do not automate bad processes and be careful of contracted out lists

Map your marketing processes that own traffic and leads thoroughly. Flow of leads through the channel, consisting of allotment and their resources are key. Hence, map those residential or commercial homes accurately. Make certain that the participants of your group that run these processes are on-board with any changes that such automation will give their daily work. Appointing a change supervisor (champ) that is an advertising process expert will conserve you money and time. Determine and eliminate bad processes – fix the process before you can automate it.

  1. Be careful of contracted out lists and automate lead certification to stay certified

Avoid buying e-mail lists and sending out them automated e-mail projects. These will fail and become expensive to resolve. Particularly currently, with GDPR, this can obtain your business right into a lot of difficulty. Automation devices can be a life-saver with their integrated measures to ensure that some of your processes are certified with the new laws. That said, the software is a just enabler and you must do the work to stay certified. To further help the process, concentrate on producing interesting content that will inspire individuals to register for your content offerings (say, eBooks and computer animated GIFs) and develop + expand your own opt-in data source that can deliver better lead conversion.

E-mail data sources will expire as the years roll by so it is important to maintain producing new leads at a greater rate compared to the expiry rate; which has to do with 25% annually. To produce new leads, you need to regularly produce better content, design fascinating calls-to-actions &landing web pages, write engaging blog sites and optimise your website for the browse engines. Automation is great for supporting leads, but you need to produce those leads first for the next step to occur.

  1. Do not let elegant features trick you

When releasing an advertising automation for your needs, do not let elegant features trick you. Each software will have various learning contour, and perhaps using a software with a simpler UI might accelerate processes. But, if it does not refix your marketing process related (specific) problems, after that it might not be the software for you.

Home Centered Business for Solitary Mothers and Dads

Home Centered Business for Solitary Mothers and Dads

Home Centered Business for Solitary Mothers and Dads Being a moms and dad can be difficult work, but solitary mothers and dads face particularly daunting challenges. Harmonizing time for work, family, tasks, and still finding a bit time on their own can be difficult. The psychological, monetary and physical stress can be frustrating. Solitary moms and dads are often having a hard time economically anyhow, and often shed hope that there will be a service which could benefit every aspect of their lives. However, there’s an outstanding way to ease these concerns, and without needing to handle that second job, which simply further consumes right into time with the kids, in addition to the lifestyle itself Kingw88

Home centered companies are expanding in appeal with solitary mothers and dads. These opportunities range from part-time to full-time, and they can make the distinction in between spending quality time with family, or hardly production finishes satisfy. There are certain benefits to utilizing the idea of building a home centered business. Many of these home centered companies can bring monetary security, or also monetary flexibility, in a fairly brief time period. This happening within 2 to 5 years is an extremely sensible objective.

Moms and dads with children are often confronted with the squashing weight of daycare costs. Functioning from home can permit solitary mothers and dads the ability to decrease, or also totally eliminate, dare treatment and after institution treatment costs. This can be a huge savings every month, and not simply financial savings. Children that reach go to home with a moms and dad often have a lot more benefits mentally, and this factor alone can imply everything in the development and future success of the child. More significantly, there’s more time available for moms and dads to invest with their children. Studies are showing that Amount time with children is extremely important, not simply the Quality Time which so many individuals think is the key to happy, well changed children that will mature to more than happy, efficient grownups.

A common complaint from solitary mothers and dads is that they are unable to be associated with institution programs and sporting activities occasions which are essential to their children. Functioning from home allows solitary moms and dads the versatility to remain involved with their children’s lives all the time, daily. Moms and dads that have the moment to take part in these occasions develop more powerful ties with their children. In transform, the children gain the feeling of security and worth that an proactively taking part moms and dad can convey. And it’s not simply having the ability to take part in institution or sporting activities activities; what about times when a child is too ill to visit institution? It’s heartbreaking for moms and dads to worry about a ill child, but still need to go to work or risk shedding their job.

With traditional jobs, moms and dads are gone for time, and often tired before their day is done. Sensations of failing and aggravation concern them also further. Home centered companies can provide the earnings and flexibility that solitary mothers and dads need to take control of their lives again. Functioning from home allows moms and dads to be involved with the lives of their children, and doesn’t require them to sacrifice their standard of living.